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About DealernetB2B


DealernetB2B was founded in January, 2001 and has sinced proved to be the leading online e-commerce site for thousands of sportscard, gaming and collectibles businesses as both a marketplace and a source of timely information. If you actively participate in these industries, we are confident that the information available will enable you to make more informed decisions for your business. Since product prices fluctuate daily based on secondary market supply and demand, having this information can make your business more profitable.

Our robust site was created and developed with the input of industry professionals and leaders that utilized their many years of experience to design DealernetB2B with features and options that would best suit our members. We also continue to implement new ideas based on input from our members that will benefit the entire DealernetB2B community for many years to come.

Our visionary concepts and ideas allow members to save time and work more efficiently as we believe this is the highest priority to a business owner. Since there are no extra commissions or expensive transaction fees, members are encouraged to utilize our expansive resources to their fullest.

Regardless of what class of trade you are, we welcome you to see how membership to DealernetB2B can help benefit your business.


  • Updated market information on thousands of products.
  • Efficiently communicate with industry leaders through our secure internal messaging system and professional forums.
  • SSL secure marketplace to process your transactions.
  • Customer service to assist with any questions
  • Expand your own buying and selling network
  • Exclusive incentive programs and forums for retail store owners
  • Timely product information, reviews and factory cost details
  • Unlimited access to our electronic payment service at no additional charge
  • Earn bonus Dealernetrewards points for free merchandise

We also offer customized membership options to best suit the needs of your business from small retail stores, internet sellers to major distributors. Please contact us for further details.